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    Daniel commented  · 

    It's got some great promise, but WOW it's difficult to follow, or figure out what's going on, and even the site has some serious usage bugs.

    For example, I was in a mode where I could apply a style and see the map to the right to view in real time how they look. I don't know how I got there and can't get back to it. Also, once I minimized the left "select a style" window, I couldn't re-expand it (there was no option). Trying to ended up losing my progress. Now the only thing I can do is full screen scrolling through the premade styles, or full screen of them applied to a map.

    When trying to create a style, I see options and that you can change them.......but.......yeah, you can change options. That's where it stops. No indication that they do anything, and no indication of how to apply them to see what change is being made. It doesn't show IF your settings are meaningful, or where one is replacing the other, or anything like that. Essentially a fake UI to demo that they can make a UI layout with various components to it.

    So I want to learn by looking at examples? Not at all! There's an option to edit somebody's customization, but that's where it stops. It's an option that you can click on....again absolutely ZERO impact. Now somehow I can randomly get to an ability to edit settings, but then that field is blank with no settings to edit.

    I'm using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10.

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